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Frequently Asked Questions

General · 6

Do you recommend learning via video courses or books?

It depends on which learning style you prefer. If you prefer learning via watching someone develop and following along, check out the video courses. If you prefer learning via written content, check out our books.


I want to learn how to make iOS apps. Where do I start?

If you prefer learning via videos, we have an iOS and Swift for Beginners learning path laid out ready for you to start right away. It guides you through the order you should view the video courses from a beginner level. After that, you’ll know enough of the basics to start making your own apps, and you can refer to the other courses as necessary.

If you prefer learning via books, check out our iOS Apprentice and Swift Apprentice books. After that, you’ll know enough of the basics to start making your own apps, and you can refer to the other books as necessary.


I want to learn how to make iOS games. Where do I start?

The most popular game framework for game developers these days is Unity - it’s a powerful cross-platform game engine used to make games like Pillars of Eternity, Hearthstone, Firewatch, and more. If you’re serious about making games this is what we’d recommend. The best way to get started is our book Unity Games by Tutorials, or subscribing to our site for some video courses on Unity.

However, if you already know Swift and iOS development, it’s may be easier to get started using Apple’s built-in game frameworks (SpriteKit and SceneKit), because it leverages your existing skills. The best way to get started is our books 2D and 3D Apple Games by Tutorials, or subscribing to our site for some video courses on Apple game frameworks.


What’s your refund policy?

For our digital edition (PDF and ePub) books:
We have a 30 day return period where you can request a refund if you are unsatisfied with the book. We do not offer price adjustments/partial refunds for purchased items that go on sale after you complete your purchase.

For our video subscription:
Our video subscription is non-refundable. You can cancel at any time and will keep your video access until the end of your billing period. We do not offer refunds for unused access time. It is your responsibility to cancel before you are charged for the next month. You can cancel by logging in to your raywenderlich.com account and then clicking “manage my subscription” here: store.raywenderlich.com. For our annual subscriptions, if you contact us within 7 days of either taking out your subscription, or your auto-renewal, we will be able to offer you a refund. If you have any trouble/questions, contact us at support@razeware.com for assistance.


What's your privacy policy?

You can view the raywenderlich.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


How do I revoke my consent for tracking my use of the website?

When you give consent, we share your tracking behaviour across raywenderlich.com with selected 3rd-parties such as Google Analytics. We use this data to better understand usage of the site, and to improve content over time.

If you would like to revoke your consent to be tracked, then you need to clear your browser cookies for the raywenderlich.com domain. For information on how to do this, please follow the instructions on this site.


Video · 7

Can I download the videos?

No, our videos are available only for online streaming.


Can I share my account with others in the office?

No, according to our Terms of Service, your login may only be used by one person — i.e., a single login may not be shared by multiple people. If you are an organization, you must create a separate account for each user that wishes to access our Services; you cannot share an account with multiple people at your organization. If we determine that you are doing so, we may charge you fees for multiple Accounts, or may terminate your Account without refund.


Is there a limit on how many or which videos I watch?

There's no limit on the number of videos you watch, or how many times you watch a particular video. The subscription provides access to all of our courses and screencasts. You can watch as many as you like.


How will I be charged for my subscription?

All our video subscriptions are automatically renewing and subscription charges are non-refundable. If you subscribe monthly, you’ll be charged on the same day each month. You will be charged regularly until you cancel your subscription, but you may cancel at any time. If you cancel you will keep your video access until the end of your current billing period.


How can I cancel?

You can cancel anytime via the “Manage My Subscription” link on our store page under the subscription section. To see this link, you must be logged in to your raywenderlich.com account. If you have any trouble/questions, contact us at support@razeware.com for assistance.


I’m a complete beginner. Which videos should I watch first?

We have three beginner learning paths laid out ready for you to start right away:

These beginner learning paths will guide you through the order you should view the video courses from a beginner level and give you a great basic foundation. Then you can continue on with our many other courses and screencasts based on what interests you most.


I'm having trouble watching a video, what should I do?

Please head on over to our Video Playback troubleshooting page for help.


Books · 6

What format are the books in?

All books sold on our site are in PDF format (and most include ePub versions as well). You can download each book immediately after purchasing.

If you are interested in the print versions of our books, these are sold through Amazon.com. We recommend that you buy the most recent edition of the book through our store, as purchasing older editions can make learning difficult and frustrating since the code will be out-of-date.


Is the source code included?

Yes! All of our digital book purchases include the source code for each chapter. You can download the book and all project files immediately after purchasing.

If you purchased the print version of a book, check the Introduction section of your book for a link to download the source code.


Can I use the code from the books I’ve purchased to make my own apps?

Yes, you are allowed to use and/or modify the source code in our books in as many apps as you want, with no attribution required.


Will I get updates for the book?

When you buy a book, you can download that book via your raywenderlich.com account. If we update the book, we’ll replace the old edition with the new one, so instead of buying the book again, you can simply log in to your account and download the new edition for free!

However, we don’t guarantee updates for any particular book. If we choose to simply update the book to be compatible with a newly released version of iOS or a toolset, you will receive that update for free. Some books may be discontinued, in which case there won’t be any future updates. In other cases, we may significantly or completely rewrite a book based on iOS, Swift or other changes; in that case, the re-written book will not be considered an update and will instead be available as a new book for purchase.


Do you offer discounts if I use your book for a class I teach?

Yes! We offer bulk discounts for class orders of 10 or more copies of a book. Contact us at support@razeware.com and tell us what book you’d like to order and how many student copies you need.


How do I download a book I purchased?

Go to store.raywenderlich.com, click on the 'Log in' link in the upper right hand corner and enter your e-mail and password. Once you’re logged in to our system, any book you’ve purchased will display a download button on the store page


Team subscription · 11

What is the raywenderlich.com Team Subscription?

The raywenderlich.com Team Subscription is the easiest way to give your development team full access to the largest catalog of iOS and Android video courses and screencasts on the internet. With centralized billing, simple license and team management, and dashboard team analytics, it’s simply the best way to keep your team up-to-date with their mobile development skills.

Team subscription

What’s the difference between a personal subscription and the team subscription?

A personal subscription gets one person full access to all video courses and screencasts. A Team Subscription lets you create and manage a group of subscribers, with one single invoice. A Team Subscription also gives you centralized license management, team analytics, and a single point of billing.

Team subscription

What is a license?

A license is the same thing as a seat; you’ll need a license for each team member that requires access to raywenderlich.com. For example, if you have five developers on your team, you’ll need five licenses. The subscription administrator does not need a license, unless the administrator also wants access to the video courses and screencasts.

Team subscription

How do I assign licenses?

When you first set up your raywenderlich.com Team Subscription, you can assign team members by providing their email addresses during the setup sequence. You can also add team members at any time by adding their emails through the Team Subscription dashboard. Your team members will receive email invites to join the team and set themselves up under your Team Subscription.

Team subscription

Can I reassign licenses?

Yes! You can revoke and reassign team member licenses at any point using the Team Subscription dashboard.

Team subscription

Can I add more licenses?

Yes! You can increase your license count at any time through the Team Subscription dashboard. The price of any licenses you add after you’ve set up your initial Team Subscription will be pro-rated in relation to how many days remain between today and your next billing period.

Team subscription

Can I drop licenses?

Yes! You can reduce the count of the licenses at any time through the Team Subscription dashboard. You will receive a credit for any unused time on those licenses on your next billing date.

Team subscription

How does billing work?

You’ll be asked to provide a payment method at the time you set up your team subscription, for the full yearly cost of the number of licenses you’ve requested to add. Payment processing is handled through our third-party payment processor, Paddle. Your next billing will be in a year’s time.

Team subscription

Can I reassign the administrator of a plan?

Yes! Simply reach out to support@razeware.com and we’ll get you straightened around.

Team subscription

What happens if my team members already have a subscription?

If you add a team member who already has a raywenderlich.com Subscription, once they accept the invite their existing subscription wil be cancelled and their access will be moved under your new Team Subscription account.

Team subscription

Where can I get a copy of my invoice?

You can access all of your current and past invoices through the Team Subscription dashboard.

Team subscription