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How can I turn on or off Dark Mode?

Check out how you can customize your viewing options on our site according to your preference.

Yes! We do support Dark (or Light) mode within your profile on raywenderlich.com - we actually call it Night Mode. You can turn it on or off whenever you'd like, but this setting will also follow your native browser setting if you have this preference already set.

To change your color scheme:

  • Log into your user profile on raywenderlich.com
  • Navigate to the upper-right hand corner of your browser where your avatar picture is located
  • Click to open the drop-down menu
  • Click the selection 'Night Mode' to turn this setting on or off

That's it! These preferences should save from one session to the next, too.

In case you're still not sure, please check out this handy video on how to access this setting here:

HubSpot Video