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How can I update my email address or username?

How to make sure we have your correct email address and contact details within your dashboard

We know your email address, username preferences and other contact details change regularly, which is why the tools to update this information are at your fingertips within your Account information within your raywenderlich.com dashboard. Once you've logged into your account, navigate to your Dashboard, like here:

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While you'll need to write support to update your username, your biography (publicly displayed if you opt in to that preference), name, and Twitter handle can be changed directly from your Profile settings.

In order to update your email address, click the Security tab and change your listed email address, enter your current password and opt to change your password entirely if you'd like, then click to save preferences. 

Once you see the green confirmation message, you'll still need to confirm your new email address by clicking the link sent to your new inbox for security purposes. Once you do this, you'll receive communications directly within to this inbox and be able to log in with your new email (and password, if you changed it). 

Have questions or need more support? Email us at support@razeware.com and we'll lend a hand 😁